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MIGRATING THROUGH Otto Scharmer’s Five Stages of THE STAGES OF Corporate Social Responsibility CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Stage 1 One-off projects ↓ Stage 2 Sustainability becomes part of organizational practices ↓ Emanating a CSR stance both internally and externally Stage 3 through consistent, relevant engagements creates Sustainability drives business sustained value for customers and the company—and innovation ultimately helps make the brand matter. ↓ Regardless of well-intended initiatives aligned with sanctioned Stage 4 goals like SDG or ESG, embedding genuine CSR into a brand’s An organizational culture of ethos doesn’t happen overnight. Otto Scharmer, Senior sustainability emerges Lecturer at MIT and cofounder of the Presencing Institute ↓ argues brands don’t become sustainably-driven businesses overnight, it occurs through step-by step-progression. He Stage 5 outlines this thought through five stages of corporate social The organization becomes a responsibility.(08) purpose-driven ecosystem 16 17

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