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The rise of the conscious consumer “ThredUp predicts that the total sec- Marie Kondō’s popular book-turned-Netflix ondhand apparel market in the U.S. will “The question of what you grow to $51 billion by 2023, up from TV series – The Life Changing Magic of Tidying $11 billion in 2012, thanks to the grow- ing movement of conscious consum- Up: the Japanese art of decluttering and erism. If one in 10 Netflix subscribers want to own is actually cleaned out their closets, that would organizing – has caused a flurry of homeowners generate 667 million pounds of trash, (17) according to ThredUp’s research.” and apartment dwellers the world over to the question of how you ―AdAge meticulously clutch every item they own and self-reflect on the joy it brings them. This new want to live your life.” (16) and popular anytime approach to the proverbial spring cleaning has caused many people to throw out, give away, and otherwise reconsider how they want to own things in their life. But understanding why many of us are in the midst of “Marie Kondō-ing” our homes, scrutinizing ingredient labels, and buying from brands that aim to base their entire business model on being circular, requires us to take a short visit back in history… ―Marie Kondō 28

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