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Case Studies CSR AS MAC ROOTED IN ONE PRODUCT Their core: How their core manifests: Why it matters M·A·C is the world’s leading professional makeup MAC Cosmetics (part of the MAC’s multifaceted core enables authority because of our unrivalled expertise Estée Lauder organization) has a them to execute CSR initiatives in in makeup ARTISTRY. M·A·C celebrates multifaceted core that touches on various areas that are meaningful diversity and INDIVIDUALITY – we are various elements of CSR. From to them. While MAC has arguably for All Ages, All Races, All Genders. M·A·C is being a brand for “all ages, all rages, emphasized their CSR efforts in a proud COMMUNITY of professional all genders” MAC has always rallied the Viva Glam product line, there makeup artists working together to bring artists and individuals from all are likely additional business our vision to life. M·A·C is at the forefront of walks of life together to bond over opportunities across additional fashion TRENDSETTING, collaborating with individual expression through the product lines where they could leading talents from fashion, art and popular use of vibrant colors and products disseminate their CSR initiatives culture. Our Artists create trends backstage at form across their various product to create a more holistic culture fashion weeks around the world. M·A·C believes lines. In 1994, MAC created the focused on these efforts. in SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, with initiatives M·A·C AIDS Fund, and made such as VIVA GLAM and the M·A·C AIDS Fund HIV/AIDS organizations the (42) at the heart and soul of our unique culture. beneficiaries of the company’s focus, – MAC website most predominately made possible through the VIVA GLAM lipstick line.(43) 62 63

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