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Case Studies CSR AS Organic Valley PARTNERING CROSS-SECTOR Their core: How their core manifests: Why it matters: When you spend your milk money on Organic Organic Valley, headquartered in Organic Valley demonstrates that Valley, we give you fresh food you can trust. It all Wisconsin, is made up of 2,000 CSR can’t be executed solely within comes from the family farms of our cooperative. family farms. In addition to being the walls of the corporation — cross- With your support, we make real changes in the advocates of organic farming, sector partnerships are needed (in (51) world one small step—and farm—at a time. — Organic Valley recently made real this case, through their partnership Organic Valley website change in the world—starting in with the local energy company). their own backyard. The brand set Everything Organic Valley does a goal of being powered by 100% starts with the farm and naturally renewable energy, and when they permeates from there. Their effort met that goal they didn’t stop. They to reach out and support the larger worked with the local communities community around them was not and energy companies to share done out of charity, rather it was the benefits which allowed 23,000 born directly from their mission rural Midwestern households to — starting with family farms and benefit from cheaper energy.(52) expanding to change the world one small step at a time. By leveraging a public-private partnership, they were able to fulfill this mission. 76 77

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