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Case Studies CSR AS PRODUCT Dell ALIGNED, CORE ADJACENT Their core: How their core manifests: Why it matters: Dell empowers countries, communities, customers Dell is embarking on creating While there’s a direct connection to and people everywhere to use technology to realize the first commercial-scale global plastics and the material packaging their dreams. Customers trust us to deliver ocean-bound plastics supply of Dell’s computers, the initiatives technology solutions that help them do and achieve chain. The initiative aims to keep feel a bit adjacent to the brand’s more, whether they’re at home, work, school or 16,000 pounds of plastic out of the core. Outside of a write-up on their (34) ocean. Plastics retrieved through website that was housed under anywhere in their world. ―Dell website the process will be reused in the “Corporate Social Responsibility”, packaging system for the XPS 13 the ocean plastics initiative doesn’t 2-In-1 laptop. Dell also created a seem to be grounded in Dell’s core Lonely Whale VR experience that day-to-day operations. enables users to see what it’s like underwater for whales when they are surrounded by plastic.(35) 52 53

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