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Case Studies CSR AS LOCAL Sam’s Club INVOLVEMENT Their core: How their core manifests: Why it matters At Sam’s Club, we’re committed to becoming the Sam’s Club (a division of Walmart While Sam’s Club is involved in membership you love most. We will do this by Inc.) focuses its CSR initiatives in CSR efforts through the local providing excellent products and services – in clubs, the communities it serves. On its communities it serves, these efforts online and through mobile devices – across the U.S. website Sam’s Club says it offers, feel outside of its core product (36) offering—products and services. and Puerto Rico. ― Sam’s Club website “local nonprofit organizations funds through our Community Grant While volunteer hours and local Program. These grants are available donations can certainly help year-round and range from $250 support its membership base, firmly to $2,500.”(37) developing sustainable products Sam’s Club also gives back through volunteerism of its and services, at an affordable employees, donations of meals, and price, would better deliver on the recycling efforts. aggressive CSR goals its parent company has set. 54 55

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