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Navigating the CSR landscape today How brands choose to be a force for good and a force for “We believe brands growth is entirely up to them. There is no mandated way to do corporate social responsibility. These decisions are often left to have a responsibility the CEO, a lean sustainability department, or generally anyone within the brand who has a passion for the cause. From a to be both a force for reporting perspective, while many companies do leverage best practice sustainable reporting guidelines, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), participation is voluntary. good and a force for This open-ended approach to CSR is one reason we experience growth.”(05) a plethora of different sustainable products, services, and environmentally-friendly claims flung at us from all corners of the branded world. Some of these initiatives are grounded in a larger purpose the brand truly believes in, others are one-off pet projects. So how are brands specifically getting involved with CSR? Generally, they start by hanging their hats on some well- known acronyms – the SDGs and ESG. ―Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer Procter & Gamble 10

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