Sustainable enough is not good enough of recycled ocean plastic, jeans that use less water during This paper is intended to help brands understand the manufacturing process, takeback programs that offer to how they can help make the world, and their repurpose or refurbish items … In today’s world, the examples business, better faster by intentionally making are truly endless, and while all of these sustainable efforts may CSR efforts grounded in the brand’s core. chip away at the global climate crisis, we have to ask ourselves: is “sustainable” good enough? If you asked your partner if your relationship was sustainable, and they said “yes”—would that be good enough? What if you asked your customers today if your brand was sustainable— would “yes” be good enough?(04) While any “good” a brand does to help improve the environment or social well-being of people around the world is arguably admirable—it’s likely not good enough. For brands to quickly harness the power CSR can have on its organization and on the world, the efforts need to be deeply rooted in the brand’s purpose, positioning, and action plans. While offering recycled packaging or reducing water usage in a manufacturing process may absolutely be a good thing for the brand to do, these efforts need to stem from an ethos that’s lived and breathed by every aspect of the organization. Only then will initiatives like these harness their full potential both for the world and for business. 4 5

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