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Propelling beyond EXPEDIENTLY DEMOCRATIZE tomorrow —the future of CSR ADOPT SUSTAINABLE CIRCULARITY OPTIONS ACROSS ACROSS THE THE ENTIRE ENTIRE BUSINESS BUSINESS The global As brands pivot their core business 3.5% de- As in-store shelf space migrates toward economy is only models to become fully purpose-driven crease―the 9% circular - just decrease in more sustainable options, it will be 9% of the 92.8 companies that strive to be proactive conventional billion tonnes of products that important for brands to consider how minerals, fossil around environmental and social appeared in fuels, metals stores from their sustainable offering can meet the and biomass wellbeing issues, they will begin to 2014, to that enter the 2017. Mean- needs of all customers — not just those economy are re- experiment with circular approaches to while “other used annually.(56) their business such as: transparent who can afford to pay premiums for more label products” ―The Circular- increased from sustainable product lines. As brands pivot ity Gap Report 29.4% to 30.5%, 2019 and “sustainable • Extending a product’s lifecycle through products” from doing “less bad more slowly” and increased from design and repair 19.7% to 22.3% become “good faster”, it will be critical over the same • Planning for product end of life, time period, that they do so in ways that are inclusive of (57) respectively. recovery, and reuse customers across price points. • Regenerating natural energy systems ―Nielsen 2018 through production 84 85

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