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Case Studies CSR AS 1 Hotels INDUSTRY RESETTING Their core: How their core manifests: Why it matters: 1 Vision. The future of the world and the future 1 Hotels leverages biophilic design There’s power in creating in-person of hospitality are one in the same. 1 Hotels aspires principles to make guests feel like experiences that enable people to to be a platform to spark conversations, between they are in nature. Guests drink feel what a sustainable lifestyle can innovators and guests, that transform the industry filtered water, breath filtered air, be like. Whether guests leave the (50) hotel and start using less plastic or and our lives. —1 Hotels website open their doors with keys made of recycled wood, and eat seasonal take shorter showers—the brand fruits from regionally-grown farms. has demonstrated what can be. Externally, 1 Hotels partners with The online content extends the advocacy and education groups that experience once guests leave the focus on environmental cleanup hotel. While these luxury hotels initiatives. Once guests leave the currently only exist in New York hotel, they can stay connected to City, Miami, and West Hollywood the transformative conversation - it will be interesting to see how through 1 Hotels’ website that 1 Hotels uses their platform to offers a “field guide” of content from transform the hospitality industry sustainable recipes to sustainable across price points, to consumers of clothing, ensuring they stay in the different spending power. loop until their next check in. 72 73

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