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Case Studies CSR AS HYPER Tesla FOCUSED Their core: How their core manifests: Why it matters: Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s Tesla created the first compelling, Tesla’s environmental and (49) long-range, serial production sustainable practices don’t sit transition to sustainable energy. —Tesla website electric vehicle. While the price in a department off to the side, point of these vehicles was initially rather they guide every action the incredibly high, their strategy company takes. Tesla’s narrow, always aimed to achieve scale: in focused mission enables it to early 2019 Elon Musk announced intentionally direct efforts in very Tesla’s most affordable model would specific areas. With a focused core, sell for $35K, enabling consumers both employees and consumers can with varied spending power to see the direct manifestation of the enjoy the benefits of sustainable company’s words through ongoing energy. In addition to cars, Tesla tangible actions. acquired Solar City in 2016 which enables Tesla to bring sustainable energy into people’s homes through solar. 70 71

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