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Case Studies CSR AS TAKING BNP Paribas ON FINANCE Their core: How their core manifests: Why it matters: We aspire to be the reference among European BNP Paribas mapped their business They took a stand in an industry banks with a global reach, the preferred long- model against SDGs and spent where many are staying quiet. term partner to our clients, and a contributor to two years tagging their balance Instead of dipping their toe in (47) responsible and sustainable global development. sheet to understand how things this space or creating a 501(c) (3) ―Our Vision/Mission BNP Paribas mapped to the SDGs. They divested philanthropic fund to run their from tobacco and from clients CSR initiatives on the side, they that are primarily involved in oil made sustainability part of their and gas. As they operate across DNA. asset management, retail banking and investment banking they’ve outlined how sustainability meets customer and employee needs across each of those business units.(48) 68 69

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